White Claw

White Claw

In Immersion, Revelation.

Method Toolbox

  • Semiotics
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Trend Analysis

Framing the problem
A new wave of drinkers were rejecting sugary flavoured malt beverages in the USA. Our client’s entire business was built on this category.

Our Approach
We studied the emerging culture in better for you and better-made beverages. Inspired by the rise of natural flavoured seltzer waters challenging the dominance of the sweet soda category, we embarked on a project to develop a hard seltzer. We wrote the brief, developed positioning and brand platforms and navigated an extended naming and testing process.

The Breakthrough
White Claw Hard Seltzer was launched. A new category and phenomenon was born that has turned the alcohol beverage world upside down. Viral success sparked runaway memes, new slang terms and nationwide product shortages - along with press coverage across major news channels like CNN and The Atlantic.

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