Viv Chambers

MD & Director of Strategy

In Music, Community

Viv is a living embodiment of a ‘bricoleur’.
Original. Innovative.
Skilfully putting together multiple cultural forms to create new thinking.

Viv has worked for renowned research agencies.
He founded Pathfinder Research.
And he has acted as strategic planner for iconic clients and agencies in Dublin, the UK and beyond.

He makes a formal study of psychology, anthropology and psychotherapy to bring a more human-centered, culturally-driven understanding to the work.

Gabi Ackroyd, PhD

Director of Research

In Place, Richness

Gabi is a qualitative researcher and anthropologist, with a PhD in Anthropology/Material Culture from University College London. She holds a MSc in Social Research Methods and a BA in Anthropology.

Specialising in humanistic research methods, Gabi conducts ethnographic and qualitative work globally across a range of sectors.

Working with the London agency, Truth, she combined thorough project scoping and planning with a personal passion to draw out the richness of culture across projects.

Maggie Matthews, PhD

Director of Qualitative Research

In Everyday, Magic 

Maggie is a qualitative researcher who loves the creativity of fusing research methods together - from classic qual, to semiotic analysis, to cultural listening, to digital ethnography - so she was destined for the Bricolage approach.

She started her career in the UK where she worked on global brands across a range of cultures and continents, firstly with TNS and then Flamingo. Returning to Ireland in 2017, she worked in B&A for 6 years before joining the team here.

Maggie has a PhD in Jane Austen from TCD - training which she brings to her work today. She loves nothing more than getting stuck into the minutiae of participants’ worlds, fishing for theinsights that can help brands reframe their role.

Sarah Van Horn

Cultural Strategist

In Photography, Reflection 

Sarah is a cultural strategist and qualitative researcher with a MSc in Gender, Media and Culture from the London School of Economics.

Sarah cut her teeth at London agencies Flamingo and Freuds before joining Bricolage. She has conducted research internationally with a wide variety of people including music lovers in Mexico City, career women in Saudi Arabia and young Irish speakers in the Gaeltacht areas in Ireland.

Sarah spends her days decoding culture and consumer behaviour to help create more meaningful and culturally relevant brands.

Kim Taylor

Senior Strategist

In Cuisine, Exploration 

Kim is a strategist and qualitative researcher with a Marketing from Technological University Dublin, during which time she wrote her dissertation focusing on the construction of femininity in Playboy, which nurtured her interest in uncovering the ‘why’ behind culture and diving in to how brands impact our everyday.

Kim spends her time getting closer to what makes people ‘tick’ through ethnographic and qualitative research, whilst also exploring and decoding trends and cultural shifts to shape and inspire innovative brands.

Gabriela Coimbra

Senior Qualitative Researcher

In Creativity, Perspectives 

A passionate and enthusiastic hunter of new perspectives, Gabriela graduated in Design with Fashion habilitation in 2014, then worked with product development in Brazil for a few years until she fell in love with the ‘why’s in culture.

In 2016 she finished a post grad course in consumer research with renowned anthropologists in Brazil. Her dissertation project involved a 1 year netnography on soccer player’s fandom and since then she has been working with major brands and research agencies across Brazil and Ireland.

Emma McCarthy

Cultural Analyst

In Literature, Escapism 

Emma is a research & strategy executive who, after completing her BA in English & Sociology at UCD, realised that her passions lie in understanding why people do the things they do. This then led her on to a higher diploma in Journalism, and finally a honing in on the power of qualitative research to make the intersections between culture, communication and human behaviour come alive.

Her time in Bricolage has seen her bring this sociological and cultural lens into topics like climate change and Irish rootedness.

Brian Elliott

Research & Strategy Executive

In Sport, Revitalisation

Brian is a Research and Strategy Executive with a Bsc. in Marketing from Technological University Dublin. His dissertation was on the cultural significance of Guinness in Ireland and throughout the process, Brian’s passion for qualitative, cultural based research was ignited.

Since joining Bricolage, Brian has been involved in many projects and enjoys keeping on top of our qual research platform and getting participants engaged. He loves all things strategy as well as learning, investigating and examining people through the lens of culture.

Niamh Daly

Research & Strategy Executive

In fandom, belonging 

Niamh is a Research and Strategy Executive with a BSc in Marketing from TUDublin. She has a deep fascination for culture, consumer behaviour and strategy.

Niamh's thesis delved into the intricate relationship between health and wellness and its profound impact on female consumers’ self-identity and the importance of community. She has solidified her love for qualitative research through projects on topics like sustainability, crowd cultures and consumer preferences.

Valeria Ortiz

Office Manager

In Craft, Mindfulness 

Valeria is a seasoned office manager, with over 10 years experience in the corporate world working between Mexico, USA and Ireland. She takes pride in providing the best support to ensure the gears keep turning, while also bringing a touch of warmth and hospitality to the office environment, where innovation can thrive.

She loves the thrill of a well-organised workspace where creativity and curiosity can flow freely.

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