In Culture, Creation.

Great strategy emerges from great insights.

For research to discover real meaning,
it must be creative in its efforts to understand people, deeply.

At Bricolage, we bring a rich blend of progressive research approaches - from semiotics to ethnography to full cultural immersion - to every project.


  • Cultural Investigation 
  • Trends Reporting 
  • Qualitative Research 
  • Ethnographic Immersions
  • Semiotic Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Product Development Insights
  • Product Innovation Pipelines
  • Workshop and Seminars 

Our Clients

The ability to reveal the ‘so what’
is as valuable as the insight itself.

Our expert team of anthropologists, researchers,
and planners collaborate with you to turn findings into strategic solutions.

Human-Centred Research

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